Already the last week of our fun month of July

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and summer is slowly winding down. But even though our season will soon be changing, the fun will still continue as we transition back into our school year. With that being said, this week we will be handing out the August calendar to stay up to date on what is happening week by week in the center!

Recap (preschool): Last week’s book was Where The Wild Things Are by, Marirce Sendak. Throughout the week our friends went over different animal sounds, acted out, played pretend, learned new words, and so much more! On Thursday to help cool off from the heat our friends had one of their last water days! Definitely lots of smiles, laughs, and memories made with this fun day. To end our week our school agers put on a wonderful carnival day, and we were so fortunate to have Country Style Ice Cream put on an ice cream sunday bar for us as well!

Recap (school age): Last week was Come One! Come All! Which was perfect to go along with their carnival day put on by the school agers! To start off their busy week our big kids went to Elevate for a very active field trip to get those tired bodies going.

Our friends worked very hard to put on a great and definitely a fun day full of games, activities, snacks, and laughs!

This week (preschool): This week’s book is Jump Frog Jump! Our vocab words for this week are lilypad, catch, net, and branch. On Tuesday our friends will be going on a walk to have a picnic at the Rocket Park. We also have one of our favorite and bittersweet events on Friday this week which is Slide into Kindergarten! Families are welcome to watch our incoming Kindergarteners slide their way into Kindergarten as they say goodbye to preschool and start their next adventure. To help celebrate this special event Kona Ice will be coming to give us a sweet cool treat, along with our big kids coming with signs to welcome their incoming friends.

This week (school age): This week’s theme is Under The Sea! To start off they will be going to Bettendorf’s Splash Pad at Lincoln Park! They will be doing a lot of under the sea crafts, learning the animals of the sea, and overall starting to slow down their fun summer to transition back to school, as it approaches quickly!

Upcoming Events (preschool):

Tuesday, July 26: Rocket Park field trip (wear red) Friday, July 29: Slide into Kindergarten

Monday, August 22: First day of preschool

Upcoming Events (school age):

Monday, July 25: Bettendorf Splash Pad field trip

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