We are almost into the month of June

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Good morning! We are almost into the month of June, and we are not only excited for all the fun this summer, but for our school agers to be with us as well. June calendars should be going home this week, as well as a June calendar for the school agers as well. There is also an update on the May calendar. On May 30 and 31 there is a TBA for Country Style Ice Cream, but we unfortunately will need to push this to later in the summer. But we are still getting a cool treat to kick off the end of the school year. On June 2 for our first water day, we will be having Kona Ice during our water day! On June 5 we will be starting our summer program, which may mean a new class with some new teachers for your kiddos. We will send that information out to ☀ you as the date approaches.


Recap: Last week’s book was The Things My Grandmother Says To Me, by Ana Galàn. It was so heartwarming to hear our friends talk about things their grandma’s have said to them, and/or things they like to do with them. These memories are so ❤ much fun to listen to, along with the pictures they shared. This really helped make connections with the book last week as they picked out things they may relate to or remember that also happened or was said in the book.


This Week: This week’s book is Growing Vegetable Soup, by Lois Ehlert. We thought this would also be a great week for our 2nd annual Grow With Me Family Night, which will be held on Wednesday, May 24, beginning at 4 and ending at 6. Feel free to walk around at pickup to do many activities, make a fun snack, do some crafts, and of course some games! This was a huge hit last year and we can’t wait to see what it brings this year.


Staying in the Loop:


  • Wednesday, May 24: Grow With Me Family Night 4-6
  • Monday, May 29: CLOSED
  • Friday, June 2: Water Day and Kona Ice for everyone, schoolagers at Silvis Park
  • Wednesday, June 7: BBQ Family Night
  • Friday, June 9: Schoolagers Pride Lake field trip (wear blue)
  • Wednesday, June 14: Music on the Lawn field trip for everyone (wear field trip color)
  • Friday, June 16: Water Day for everyone
  • Tuesday, June 20: School Agers atSanctuary Hills farm (wear blue)
  • Tuesday, June 27: Schoolagers field trip to Butterworth Center (wear blue)
  • Friday, June 30: Preschool tie day day


Quote of the Week:

“Every child is a different kind of flower, and together they make

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